Survey from Asterisk’s hospitality investment and development seminar reveals Japan’s upsurging interest in luxury hospitality and tourism real estate investment

Wednesday, 14th December 2016  

On Dec. 1, Asterisk Realty & Placement Agency held the private seminar on hospitality development and investment for selected Japanese investors and decision-makers including real estate companies, authorities, regulators and hospitality companies. The seminar included topics such as regarding the economic viability of luxury hotel branded residence and its attractiveness from an investor’s perspective. Since more Japanese real estate developers and authorities are realising the huge potentiality of luxury branded hotel residence, the seminar focused particularly on delivering this new concept of real estate development as well as more insights into the field of hospitality investment. <>

With Japan’s growing tourism sector, Japanese investors see this upsurging luxury hospitality real estate market as one of the few promising markets along with outbound investment. Seeing many of Japan’s decision-makers, investors, and developers have begun to pick up this new trend of tourism real estate development/investment, such learning by seminars is the demand from many of them, especially the “Game Changer” topics – relating to luxury hotel branded residences/resorts and integrated resort (IR).

Asterisk conducted survey questionnaire to understand interest among attendees, and Japanese investors and decision-makers, regarding the luxury hospitality investments. Based on the survey responses, Asterisk found a number of key points to evaluate Japanese investor’s interest and concern for hospitality investment.

The seminar limited 55 of attendees included: real estate developers, relevant government authorities and ministries, investment funds, pension funds, financial institutions, hotel & resort operating companies and construction companies, etc.


Survey about interested topics for luxury hotel / branded residence investment and development


About Development and Investment Opportunities: Although respondents showed high interest for development and investment opportunities in Japan (50%), overseas resorts (28%) and integrated resorts (22%) exceeds 20%. This result may imply as Japanese are also more diverse with their options for hospitality investment, making Japan’s wave to overseas investment stronger.  


Topics of interest regarding development and investment in hotel branded residences: The majority of respondents are interested in such investment topics like development case example by investment funds (28%), structuring development fund (22%), and JV for development (25%). This result indicates that many of them don’t have enough experience with this sector yet that JV and partnership are the most realistic method for them to step-in.



About Laws and Regulations: 39% of respondents are keen on obtaining more knowledge about laws and regulations related to development itself, as well as there was also high interest (33%) regarding operating contracts with hotel operators. The other interests were related to property management (14%), and flow of property sales, and transactions. This indicates that the whole process, a step-by-step guide, of how the luxury hospitality investment work are in demand for their start in the new investment sector.


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Considering the key points which we found from the collected survey, Japan is growing its interests in hospitality investment along with the rising outbound investment. Many Japanese decision-makers and investors are awakened by the huge investment potential which they see in the different sectors today. In order to explore the opportunities efficiently, such an informative seminar like this plays a vital role for Japanese decision-makers and investors.

Asterisk is a pioneer in both outbound investment and luxury hospitality investment for Japanese investors and we see the importance in providing such informational seminars to support both, Japanese and overseas, investors to continue encouraging global investment.   


If you are interested in any styles of our seminars, please feel free to contact us for further information.


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