Friday, 2nd December 2016

On Dec.1, Asterisk’s seminar for hospitality investment was held for selected Japanese institutional investors, real estate companies, authorities, regulators and hospitality  companies.

Speakers were regarded as game changers in Japan’s hospitality, real estate, tourism, institutional assets management:

George Tanasijevich, the President and CEO of Marina Bay Sands, as our speaker, presenting new business opportunities from integrated resorts (IR), inbound tourism and luxury hospitality. It seems that integrated resort will open the world’s next great frontier, and it is the next strategic growth opportunity for Japan, as well as for the international players.

Shi’ai Liang from Rosewood Hotel Group presented the luxury hotel branded residences market. This is also a new concept for Japanese hospitality real estate and tourism industry, which has just begun to intrigue both developers and investors. The high potentiality of making international luxury hospitality market in Japan is expected to change the Japanese industry.

Yukihiko Ito from Asterisk, a specialist of Japanese institution asset management and investment to global real estate and hospitality, introduced those game changers – Marina Bay Sands for inbound tourism and hospitality real estate, and Rosewood for luxury hospitality and hospitality investment. Asterisk’s position is to guide Japanese institutional investors to investment in new frontiers, as well as to assist authorities in their policy-making process.

Speakers and their presentations gathered significant interest from attendees, who will be taking a vital role as game changers to change the landscape of Japanese tourism, hospitality and related investment.

Following yesterday’s seminar, Japan Lower House committee approved so-called integrated resort bill today.



The key for Japanese investors/players to prospect in investment trend is to acknowledge the possibilities through necessary information that is given by experts. Therefore, educational information is vital, providing them know-how that will play significantly in their investment decision.  

Since Asterisk has established ourselves as an opinion leader in global real estate & hospitality investment in Japan, our private seminar is highly recognised by Japanese investors & authorities. The purpose of our private seminar is to offer valuable insights for targeted selected attendees and to provide information that meets both parties by selecting our audiences. For further information on these seminars, please contact us.  

We are actively looking for specialists and fund managers to partner with Asterisk to provide local insight.

Asterisk’s upcoming seminars:

For Japanese institutional investors

  • ASEAN real estate – “Diversification vs Concentration in growing markets” and “Real Estate, asset to secure value and bless with ASEAN growth”
  • UK/EU real estate – “The momentum & opportunities in post-Brexit”
  • Australia real estate – “Long-term investment in Australia, the country with contrasting characteristics to the Japanese economy”
  • Outbound investment to global hospitality asset & industry – “Exporting Japanese capital and management technologies to global hospitality markets”
  • Geopolitics in global real estate & infrastructure investment – “Meaning of long-term investment outside Japan”

If you are interested in any styles of our seminars, please feel free to contact us for further information.



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