Interactive discussion with Japanese institutional investors showing strong interest for how to utilize ESG in asset management and operation of the properties in the real estate sector


Thursday, November 1st, 2018


On October 24th, Asterisk held a seminar on ESG real estate investments in Tokyo, Japan, inviting local and global market leaders with ESG investment expertises to share the insights and trends on ESG in the domestic and global real estate markets. The event was well received, with over 60 attendees from Japanese institutional investors. Audience included Japanese pension funds, insurance companies, financial institutions, real estate asset management companies, and developers, etc.   

For this event, we have invited speakers from Bentall Kennedy, a global market leader in ESG investments, CSR Design Green Investment Advisory, and EY Japan to speak on the application of ESG at real estate asset management level to Japanese institutional investors. The event will highlight the development, growth, market trends and initiatives in ESG real estate investment in the global markets and the impact of ESG in domestic Japanese market.


The Latest ESG Global Market: From Local to Global

Anna Murray from Bentall Kennedy, Co-Chair of the United Nations Environment Program / Finance Initiative (UNEP FI) Property Working Group discussed about the efforts being made by global leaders for ESG real estate management. Ms. Murray covered Bentall Kennedy’s approach, how ESG is able to add value to their investments, major trends in the markets on data governance, climate resilience and health & wellness, as well as global level ESG initiatives including the efforts of UNEP FI Property Working Group.


image (11)

Anna Murray, VP of Sustainability, Bentall Kennedy (Photo by Asterisk)


The Latest ESG Global Market: Why is ESG Property Investment Essential for Institutional Investors?

Ryuichi Horie, Co-founder and CEO of CSR Design Green Investment Advisory Japan, an adviser for UNEP FI Property Working Group, discussed about their global ESG frameworks for Japanese investors. Mr. Horie covered the fundamentals and meanings of ESG real asset investment and why it matters to the investors. Mr. Horie also highlighted the characteristics and development of Japanese market compared to other countries in terms of ESG in the real estate sector.


image (12)

Ryuichi Horie, Co-founder & CEO of CSR Design Green Investment Advisory (Photo by Asterisk)


ESG Japanese Domestic Market: Outlook for JP Sustainability and its Competitive Edges

Heather McLeish, EY Japan’s Senior Manager for Climate Change and Sustainability Services, discussed about the impact of ESG and CSR, proposing solutions necessary for sustainability and competitiveness. Ms. McLeish covered the growth and changes in ESG globally and how Japanese investors have reacted to these changes. In addition, Ms. McLeish shared her views on the risks, opportunities and performance in ESG for the real estate sector.

image (13)

Heather McLeish, Senior Manager of EY Japan for Climate Change and Sustainability Services (Photo by Asterisk)


Q&A Session:

Yukihiko Ito, Managing Partner of Asterisk Realty, led the Q&A session with the speakers. During this session, institutional investors expressed strong interests in the global trends and outlook of ESG investments, as well as actual asset level applications of ESG in investments, asset management and operations.

 image (14)

Q&A, Yukihiko Ito, Managing Partner of Asterisk Realty (Photo by Asterisk)


Over the past few years, Asterisk has received considerable increase of interest and inquiry in ESG real estate investment from Japanese investors. Prominent Japanese investors are seriously looking into sustainable investments, and understand the necessity of corporate level social responsibility. Since the event, we have received positive feedback from the attendees, as well as interest from other companies to speak at our private events. We hope to continue to offer a platform for industry leaders to inspire new ideas and opportunities in real estate.


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