Rising ESG from Far East – the Japanese giant starts committing on ESG real estate 


Friday, January 10th, 2020



Leading Japanese Institutional Investor Announcing ESG-Themed Real Estate Investment Products


Earlier this week, Norinchukin and NZAM (Norinchukin Zenkyoren Asset Management)

announced new development and investment of “ESG-themed J-REIT investment products”. 


Norinchukin has committed about 100 million USD (10 billion JPY) for the first investments to this program, and will offer this program to institutional and retail investors through both Norinchukin and NZAM platforms.


In this program, Norinchukin will invest in J-REITs by utilizing the GRESB as indicators for ESG evaluation, targeting to promote green building concepts and contributes to climate change mitigation by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


Norinchukin also stated that they will expand their coverage of ESG real estate investments into the global markets through this program. 


Evolving Mindsets – “Incorporation of ESG is Becoming Increasingly Important” 


We can see Norinchukin is putting significant efforts in applying ESG in their investments and developments of products. This will lead the trend of increasing demand on ESG-focused fund strategies and products for Japanese investors on both domestic investments and outbound investments to the global markets. 


NorinChukin is one of the largest investors in Japan, with a total asset of over 100 trillion JPY. They are also known as a pioneer of global investments in Japan, and have a strong influence on other Japanese investors. Asterisk expects that other Japanese investors will accelerate on their incorporation of ESG to follow the trend.



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