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On February 19th, Asterisk held a seminar on global real estate investments new themes in Tokyo, Japan, inviting leading investment management companies globally to share about their sights and trends on new thematic investments in global real estate markets. The event was well received, with invited attendees from Japanese institutional investors. Audience included Japanese pension funds, insurance companies, financial institutions, real estate asset management companies, and developers, etc.   

For this event, we have invited speakers from Bentall Kennedy, a global market leader in ESG investments; KSL Capital Partners, an unique investor focusing on leisure, travel and wellness investments in key global tourism destinations; and Swiss Life Asset Management/Mayfair Capital, one of the largest European real estate investment managers, to share about the latest investment trends and themes on the global markets to Japanese institutional investors.


North America : Core/Core Plus Strategies on Urbanization & ESG Investments

Reagan Pratt, Senior Vice President of Bentall Kennedy shared about the trends in global real estate markets, particularly about the new trends in urbanization and ESG. Reagan discussed about how the urbanization trends are impacting the choices of the talents in the workspace and the selections of office locations, how these changes are impacting investment strategies on a city and regional level, and the outlook on how the trends will involvement in the future. It is important to invest with these key knowledges to drive additional value creation in the global real estate investments.

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Reagan Pratt, Senior Vice President, Bentall Kennedy (Photo by Asterisk)


Trends & Factors Driving Growth in Tourism, Leisure & Wellness in Global Markets

Tina Yu, Senior Vice President of KSL Capital Partners, shared about the trends in the leisure and travel sectors which showed strong growth in key Asian markets and globally in recent years, particularly the strong growth in Chinese market. Due to the growing demand from travelers in global sightseeing, leisure and wellness, the new trend/social recognition of “travel as a new social currency”, advancement in payment method, and increasing awareness in wellness tourism, the unique sector of leisure and travel is having stronger performance and attracting more attention from investors as an alternative option for investments.

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Tina Yu, Senior Vice President, KSL Capital Partners (Photo by Asterisk)


Investing Thematically in UK & European Real Estate for Long-Term Performance 

Matt Diamond, Managing Director of Swiss Life Asset Management / Mayfair Capital discussed about the new investment themes and trends in the key European markets, and share comments on long term real estate investment perspectives. Matt shared his view on the economic outlook and the different stages/positions of various key European cities in the market cycle, and the new investment opportunities in the third real estate generation taking into consideration of Urban Renewal & Growth + Technology + ESG.

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Matt Diamond, Managing Director, Swiss Life Asset Management / Mayfair Capital IM (Photo by Asterisk)


Over the last year, Asterisk has received considerable increase of inquiry and concerns on the growing uncertainties in global real estate investment markets, including rising interest rates in US, increasing currency hedging costs, compressed yields for core asset investments, uncertainties in late stage of market cycle, US-China relationships etc.. Prominent Japanese investors are starting to look into alternative / thematic investments in the overseas real estate markets. Since the event, we have received positive feedback from the attendees, as well as interest from other companies to speak at our private events. We hope to continue to offer a platform for industry leaders to inspire new ideas and opportunities in real estate.

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