–       In-depth discussions of perspectives and opportunities of luxury resort development themes in Japan

–       Explore how the developers and operators can use innovative approaches to create sustainability and promote the growth and sustainable development in the local markets and communities

–       New concepts and approaches of sustainability proposed by Asterisk/GOYOH and RoomBoss on how to engage luxury travellers to support sustainable tourism through offering the premium “green” options, which could be used to off-set greenhouse gas emission and invest in renewable energy & infrastructures

–       Unique approaches to sustainable luxury resort developments by Soneva attracting positive interest and feedback from industry professionals


Tuesday, February 25th, 2020 

On February 17th, Asterisk and GOYOH held its latest seminar event in the series of “Inbound HNW Market and Business Opportunities” in Tokyo, Japan, featuring luxury resort opportunities in Japan. Audience included institutional investors, real estate developers, construction companies, luxury service providers, entertainment groups, restaurant/ catering business, travel companies, retail, winter sports affiliated companies, resort companies, hotel management companies, government related ministries, etc..


For this event, we have invited market leaders and pioneers who focus on environmental impacts and long term sustainability in the design, planning and operation of resort development projects. Speakers include hotel experts from PwC Consulting Real Estate and Hospitality Group; Mnk Niseko, hotel market experts and high-end resort facilities operator in Niseko; RoomBoss, pioneer proptech platform in hospitality and operation management; Asterisk/GOYOH, market experts and proptech platform in hotel and luxury residence sectors; and KSL Capital together with its recently added brand, Soneva, an industry-leading operator in sustainability and luxury resorts, to share insights on the potential investment opportunities and challenges in Japan’s luxury resort markets and how to incorporate sustainability in the developments and operation from various perspectives, for investors, operators, and service providers who are looking to innovate and grow in this sector in Japan.


Opening Presentation: Luxury Resort Development Trends


Ryuji Sawada, Partner, Real Estate and Hospitality, PwC Consulting LLC

Mr. Ryuji Sawada, Partner and Head of Real Estate and Hospitality of PwC Consulting, a market specialist in the hospitality field, discussed the trends in luxury hospitality, and trends in developments and business models of luxury resorts, and the sector outlook in Japan markets


Luxury Resort Development: Niseko’s Success and Challenges


Eddie Guillemette, CEO & Managing Director, MnK Niseko

MnK, a key resort operator in Niseko which offers luxury and family-friendly stays and services, has been working on luxury resorts from the perspectives of sustainability. Mr. Eddie Guillemette, CEO of MnkK shared his view on sustainability issues in Niseko which is becoming a major theme in the region. Mr. Guillemette shared about his experience in Niseko’s local community and the possibilities and potential opportunities for new business development.


Collaboration between Technology and Accomodation Facility in Luxury Resorts Development


Julian Kerr, Managing Director, RoomBoss Co. Ltd.

RoomBoss is a proptech platform that provides a comprehensive management backbone system and offers essential support in the development of luxury hotels and residences in Niseko. Roomboss also operates condominiums and accommodation facilities for inbound tourism, and cooperates with various management systems, Mr. Julian Kerr, Managing Director of RoomBoss, has introduced the business model of ski resorts that incorporates sustainability, and also discussed how hospitality players can actively engage customers who care about the environment to act positively for sustainability.


Technology and Sustainability in Luxury Resorts


Yukihiko Ito, Managing Director, ASTERISK / GOYOH

Mr. Yukihiko Ito, Co-Founder and Managing Director of GOYOH and ASTERISK, shared about the updates on the future development of GOYOH platform on advanced services utilizing technology that is essential for attracting inbound HNW to luxury resorts. Mr. Ito also shared his insights on the development of year-round business model to generate economic return in the region, and potential approaches to support the sustainable development of the local and regional communities in Niseko and Hokkaido, and other destinations in Japan..


Case Studies of Luxury Resort Development Pursuing Sustainability


Soneva / KSL Capital (*Presented by GOYOH on behalf of KSL) 

KSL Capital, a real estate investment firm focusing on tourism and leisure investments, recently have added the Soneva brand to their group. Soneva is an industry-leading operator in sustainability and luxury resorts. Soneva is founded by the co-founder of Six Senses, and is one of the few ultra luxury resorts that focus on environmental impacts and sustainability in its design, concept and operation. The luxury resort operated by Soneva conducts detailed scientific analysis of all elements such as consumed greenhouse gas, food, use of glass, metal and resources, and human resources, and is sustained through waste reduction and recreation. Soneva shared its values and a unique approach to sustainability with a model of a sustainable luxury resort with the audience.

Since the event, Asterisk has received positive feedback and interest from attendees, as well as interest from other companies to speak at our events. Asterisk looks forward to continuing to offer a platform for industry leaders to inspire new ideas and opportunities in real estate. 


If you are interested in becoming a speaker/partner of Asterisk’s next seminar event, please contact info@asteriskrealty.jp.


Other Hospitality Investment Opportunities

Asterisk is working closely with Japanese hospitality developers, investors, operators, and asset managers through unique expertise as global real estate specialist. We help overseas investors access unique off market investment opportunities in Japan and also support Japanese investors with outbound investments across key global markets. We currently have some off market deals related to luxury hotel development/investment opportunities in Japanese prime resort destinations, including opportunities in luxury ski resort and beach resort developments, and are open to discussion with potential investors/developers and operators who are looking to enter the markets in Japan.

In addition, new concepts and approaches of sustainability proposed by Asterisk are aligned with the government focus on ESG and offer potential new approaches for Japanese real estate players and institutional investors for ESG investments, not only in hospitality sectors but also other asset types. Asterisk believes this could also be a new concept for renewable-energy and infrastructure asset management players to further explore and move forward to bridge out to related industries for potential investment opportunities.


If you are interested in Japanese inbound investments or have overseas assets looking for Japanese capital or partners, please contact us at info@asteriskrealty.jp or dealflow@asteriskrealty.jp.


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