Japan finally pass the controversial bill to legalise Integrated Resorts, creating further opportunities in real estate/hospitality investment market

Thursday, 15th December

Japanese parliament finally made the decision of passing a long-awaited law, Integrated Resorts Promotion (IR) bill, to end 15 years of political argument today. This approval is to promote the development of integrated resorts (IR) in Japan, seeking to increase its inbound tourism by offering more entertainment options to visitors. This is exciting news as the bill refers to the next strategic growth opportunity for Japan as well as for the international players.

A controversial bill to legalise Integrated Resorts in Japan capturing worldwide attention, opening another large-scale investment, especially for leading international IR company, making Japan the next major gaming market. This approval will accelerate the wave of opportunities to a variety of markets including tourism operators, the entertainment industry, public infrastructure, etc. For the hospitality industry and real estate, we can predict fruitfulness in the luxury hospitality market for the areas surrounding the new IR.

With interest in the Japanese luxury hospitality market already rising, Asterisk sees the bill passing as another major boost, as the demand for hotels will increase for the newly developed areas surrounding the integrated resorts. As it currently stands, some of the locations they are looking at include Hokkaido, Yokohama, Osaka, and Okinawa, where luxury hotel residences are sparse. Therefore, implementing IR in these areas will expand the demands already evident in Tokyo out to these locations as well.

Asterisk held hospitality investment and development seminar for top Japanese developers, investors and authorities this month, inviting speakers such as George Tanasijevich, the President and CEO of Marina Bay Sands, and Shi’ai Liang from Rosewood Hotel Group. The seminar was timely in that it catered the original interests of our attendees in the luxury hotel residence investment industry, and highlighted the role these players can have in the IR industry.

To respond to strong demand from Japanese players and authorities, Asterisk has decided to organise a seminar regarding “Integrated resorts and real estate/hospitality development” to top Japanese investors and authorities soon.

We are happy to invite world-class speakers from integrated resort companies, developers, investors and hospitality operators to present their visions.


Asterisk’s upcoming seminars for Japanese institutional investors:

Integrated resorts and real estate/hospitality development (2017 January / February)

  • “Opportunities of luxury hospitality real estate with Integrated Resort”
  • “New real estate investment sectors created by Integrated Resort”

Australia & Asia core real estate investment (2017 February 7th)

  • “Diversification vs Concentration in growing markets” and “Core real estate investment in Asia”
  • “Long-term investment in Australia, the country with contrasting characteristics to the Japanese economy”

UK real estate investment (2017 February / March)

  • “The momentum & opportunities in post-Brexit”

EU real estate investment (2017 February / March)

  • “EU’s real estate market cycle, and what are the opportunities for each investment strategies? ”

If you are interested in any styles of our seminars, please feel free to contact us for further information.



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