Foreign visitors to Hakuba increase by 45% in 2017-2018


Thursday, August 2nd 2018


Foreign ski visitors to Hakuba Valley in 2017-2018 season, the largest ski resort in Japan, surpassed 330,000- an increase by 45% in comparison to last winter season. The total number of visitors is 1,555,000, about 3% higher than last season, with foreigners accounting for 21%. 

Hakuba Valley is the collective name for the 10 ski resorts in Otari village, Hakuba Village, and Onomachi city. Hakuba Valley has steadily increased their number of visitors showing an increase from 96,900 people from 2012-13 to their record of 330,400 people in 2017-18. 

The area is popular with foreign guests for its diverse ski slope scales, course diversity, as well as snow quality. They have been making efforts to modernize the area by implementing web and SNS activities and the cooperation of local municipalities, accommodation services, restaurants and transportation. 

As number of foreign visitors increases, there are new demands for additional services in wellness, gastronomy, entertainment, high-end transportation, etc. Luxury hospitality real estate & components and human resources are also necessary to accommodate international guests. 

With the rapid growth of tourism, we are working with local players in Hakuba to bring new services.

Asterisk is seeing a massive potential for international investors and players to upgrade local facilities and services to luxury levels, and these are not much done by Japanese companies so far. We will be holding a seminar on the potentials of Japanese ski resorts inviting speakers from Niseko.

 Our next event:

  • Opportunities for Luxury Hospitality in Japanese Snow Resorts

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