Japan Post Insurance announces the creation of the new division for alternative investment


Wednesday, 28th September 2016

Japan Post Insurance, known as Kampo Life (total assets : approx. 800 billion USD), announced its new formation of alternative investment divisions yesterday.

Preceding its sister company, Japan Post Bank has already introduced a new formation of real estate investment division in February, and in regards to both decisions, direction of Japan’s biggest insurer to step out for alternative investment is becoming clear.

Assuming that Japan Post Insurance will follow similar strategies like Japan Post Bank, its alternative investment may include real estate, infrastructure, private equity, hedge funds, and related debts in global markets.

Besides, the BOJ’s negative interest rate policy is pressuring more and more Japanese financial institutions to start new investment in alternative assets for overseas markets.

This announcement of Japan Post Insurance starting alternative investment will have a crucial influence on other Japanese insurance companies and financial institutions. It signifies 2016 as the pivotal year for Japanese institutional investors – beginning of their real estate and alternative investments.


Written by : Yukihiko Ito (, Yokaze Ito (


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