Tuesday, August 7th 2018

Japanese public pensions accelerating alternative investments. GPIF and Chikyoren are major names, but also other public pensions are proceeding. One example is Shichousonren (The National Federation of Mutual Aid Associations for Municipal Personnel) 

In April 2018, Shichousonren announced an RFP for infrastructure and private equity. The public pension as of June 2018 has an AUM of JPY 11.6 trillion (approx. USD 105 billion). As of last year, they have three product categories for a real estate RFP- domestic, US, and global (all core strategies).

As well as asset diversification in alternative investments, ESG is an emerging topic for these public pensions. In the application for gatekeepers to Shichousonren`s alternative RFPs, Shichousonren ask for 10 items to be filled in, with one of them being the fund managers approach for ESG. This shows the importance of ESG for public pensions, and we can expect more groups to follow suit.

Responding to these demands, Asterisk have held ESG focused real estate investment seminars for Japanese institutional investors since 2017, and are planning the next one as ESG real estate investment forum for Japanese institutional investors including public pensions soon.

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