Monday June 10th, 2019


Recently, Asterisk has seen major Japanese institutional investors taking more actions in the investigation/exploration of opportunities in alternative assets investments in both domestic and overseas markets.


On June 7th, PAL (Pension Fund Association for Local Government Officials), the second largest public pension in Japan, announced the selection of fund manager for its new investments products in alternative assets. Asset Management One has been appointed as the fund manager for their overseas real estate investments.


On June 10th, GPIF, Japan’s largest public pension fund, announced an RFI (Request for Information) on private debt research, targeting to study a wide range of new investable assets. According to GPIF announcement, its investment strategy team will review research on private debt, such as privately-placed bond, bank loan, direct lending, real estate non-recourse loan and infrastructure debt. This signals that GPIF is widening their investing range for alternative investments.


Asterisk is seeing increasing demand on debt investments from Japanese investors and expects more players will follow the trend to investigate on potential debt investments in both domestic and overseas markets as well.


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