Wednesday, February 6th, 2019


GPIF reported a 14.8 trillion JPY loss on total investments in Q3 2018, with a negative 9.06% in rates of investment returns. GPIF’s quarterly portfolio loss mostly caused by the loss in global equity markets.

According to GPIF announcement, between October and December in 2018, global economies had faced uncertainties due to various economical and political factors; global investors have taken more risk-averse actions and made adjustments in their investment strategies due to the market volatility. On the other hand, some investors have started to allocate more capital in safer asset classes, such as long-term US bonds and Japanese bonds. As a result, Japanese yen has appreciated more over the last few months. Therefore, GPIF’s performance as negative during the past quarter. GPIF is expected to continue to focus on long-term investments strategies as they proceed with more investments.  

We expect that investors will shift to allocate more in alternative investments as the market volatility and uncertainties in global economies continue. The Japanese investors will have higher chances to accelerate in alternatives investments globally; however, lacking of Human Resources will become a key issue.

This trend may impact not only GPIF but also other Japanese investors to consider different investment approaches.

On February 19th, Asterisk will hold a seminar event focusing on new trends, cycles and new themes in global real estate investments and alternative investments. We will invite experts and specialists from various leading real estate companies to share about their experience and insights on the global real estate investment markets.

Topics will include new themes in core/core plus/value-add strategies of long-term real estate and alternative investments in the global markets (North America, UK/Europe & Asia Pacific markets), such as urbanization, market cycles, ESG, real estate debt, leisure & wellness.

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