Rising Technology & Localization in Japanese Real Estate and Hospitality Will Create Revolution in Asset Management

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Tuesday, January 8th, 2019


Across the world, new technologies have been revolutionizing the hospitality industry. In Asia, real estate companies are experiencing growth in technology, especially in the hospitality field. Technology is graduating from being a nice to have feature, and is increasingly expected in hotels, resorts, and serviced residences. While operator oriented re-tech is growing, tech that has been developed to enhance asset value is still scarce.


We have observed various new technologies being applied through the tourism and hospitality industries over the past year, including Alibaba’s facial recognition check-in at Marriott Hotels in China, Handy’s in room rental smartphone, chatbots at Andaz Singapore and Hotel New Otani, “smart hotel rooms” being introduced to streamline visitor experience in large hotel groups, and etc.


Asterisk Re-tech – focus on luxury lifestyle and hospitality

Asterisk’s core business lies in two markets – institutional real estate investment and luxury lifestyle real estate. With luxury lifestyle real estate being a new frontier in Japan, the two markets rarely coincide, as larger financial players dominate the institutional real estate industry, still cautious to experiment.


Asterisk is a rare player that has leading expertise in both of these markets in Japan. We are working on a luxury lifestyle re-tech project GOYOH, that is made to enhance the assets value from a management perspective, and maximize return from investment / development. Assets value is enhanced by showcasing services and activities in the luxury residences vicinity, increasing the value of the area. Furthermore, opportunities to invest in luxury residences is showcased to a targeted audience, increasing the likelihood of sourcing investors.

 With tourism rapidly increasing in Japan, and necessity for such products is evident, we see this as the next generation for hospitality technology throughout Tokyo Olympic 2020 and toward to Japan’s first integrated resorts in 2025.

 Ultimately this re-tech is also designed to support the development and evolution of upcoming integrated resorts sector in Japan.


Spreading from Niseko

In December 2018, GOYOH first launched its services in Niseko, one of the most desired ski destinations in Japan and Asia. Serving the HNW international tourists through luxury several vacation villas and resorts and more in the prime skiing locations in Niseko.

GOYOH is expanding to other Japanese luxury tourism destinations including Tokyo, Kyoto, Hakuba, Hakone, and Setouchi inner sea area by partnering with top Japanese developers, hospitality operators, and international investors.



Game-changing Platform for international players

With GOYOH, international investors can crystalize returns from investments in luxury hospitality real estate in Japan. We believe GOYOH’s most added value for investors and developers is adding lifestyle service premium for luxury/branded residence and hotels. GOYOH is also a platform where international hotel operators and investors can achieve localization through connecting with local state-of-art services providers, therefore further added value of unique localized experience and services would be integrated into the developments.

Furthermore, GOYOH has real estate sales and marketing platform which is exclusively targeting global HNWI buyers, who are also users of GOYOH.  


Impact on asset management level

GOYOH’s innovative RE-tech platform and localization approach will provide significant impact on real estate asset management level, allowing the investors and developers to capitalize on these added-value and achieve premium on its overall real estate value – especially in residential and resort developments. Furthermore, this platform also allows the developers to sell residential units efficiently and widely while targeting the right buyers.

This is to say, developers, investors and asset managers can achieve more return in shorter time – higher IRR from development projects.



Sustainability and Government Efforts

GOYOH’s efforts to create a new inbound luxury platform and support Japan’s regional economy and culture to be customized for next generation demands by inbound tourists, are in line with the Japanese government’s goals.

Luxury hospitality is also receiving attention from key government players. Mr.Tsukasa Akimoto, the Deputy Minister of MLIT, for example is actively promoting new tourism project targeting the world’s ultra HNW individuals and their added value for Japan’s economic growth post Tokyo Olympic Games and Paralympic games in 2020.

He is actively facilitating discussions on how to develop luxury residences, types of facilities necessary, transportation requirements, services, entertainment, and so forth, which is necessary to accommodate the ultra HNW through his special work group with MLIT.

Further law makings and reforms to stimulate this sector is expected.Yukihiko Ito of Asterisk and GOYOH served as an advisor for this group, contributing ideas on how to upgrade the Japanese hospitality industry for UHNW, and connect these efforts with integrated resorts.


Our upcoming event for “Opportunities in Japan Inbound Luxury Hospitality Markets” in March 2019

In March 2019, we will hold an event showcasing the attractiveness of luxury resorts for businesses/ service providers looking to access the HNW inbound tourism markets in Japan.

As Japan’s inbound market continues to grow, the inbound HNWI market is showing promise of a new market in japan. We aim to show the success the resort companies are having with inbound tourists, and discuss further business opportunities with domestic players in mind. We will also discuss our IT service that helps integrate local communities and services with international operators, investors, and developers.

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Our last event held in October 2018 was well received, with over 120 industry leaders and professionals attended. Audience included institutional investors, real estate developers, construction companies, luxury service providers, entertainment groups, restaurant/ catering business, travel companies, retail, winter sports affiliated companies, resort companies, hotel management companies, government related ministries, etc.

 To view more details on our last event:

Winter is Coming – Snow Resort Opportunities in Japan Inbound Luxury Hospitality Markets (October 2018)


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