Asterisk offers broad range of advisory and consultant service to fund managers and operators who are interested in fund raising in Japan. Asterisk has connections with 200 Limited Partners who are keen on global alternative investments such those in real estate, private equity, and infrastructure investments. With professional knowledge of the institutional market in Japan and good relationship with institutional investors, private investors, financial institutions, and high net worth private investors, we are very keen to provide professional advice on real estate investment, fund raising opportunities, and marketing strategy in Japan. In addition to provide the best local service in Japan to both foreign and domestic businesses, funds, and investors, we can also provide unique service line based on clients’ needs.


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General Service

Fund Solicitation Service

Asterisk provides solicitation of funds service to investors on behalf of Fund Managers in Japan. Solicitation includes promotions, brand establishment, relationship building support with Japanese Limited Partners, and related services for Fund’s successful establishments and fund raising in Japan.

Advisory & Research

Asterisk provides marketing strategy for fund, product, or investment developments in Japan and to Japanese investors. We advise Fund Managers on their funds structuring and terms from a Japanese investor acceptability perspective. Reversely, we provide professional information and research based on the investors demand on types of foreign investment products they have interest in.

Private Seminars & Events

  • Private Seminars for product or fund introduction with selected investors.
  • Arrangements with media support (if needed) to target potential Limited partners in Japan.

 Outbound Service

Asterisk promise to bring the best service to all of our clients regardless of race, rank, or industries. To achieve that we also offer outbound services to investors who are interested in the oversea market. We provide advisory and full professional support on oversea market, specific investment products, oversea funds, and additional services. We offer full package professional service to foreign investments and service includes legal, financial, real estate, insurance, and related aids. Provide investors the latest and most accurate information on oversea investment opportunity.

Other Service

  • Translation of products and presentations into Japanese.
  • Source of Japanese Media Coverage connection.
  • Introduction to keen local and global legal firms who are professionals in Japan’s alternative investment industry, and financial institutions for loans and related acts.
  • Guidelines for regulatory rules in Japan.

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Sub-Placement Agency Service
Asterisk can associate with selective oversea placement agencies as partners for regional and illiquid inflation sensitive investment products. Asterisk will act as the exclusive sub-placement agent in Japan and provide the best oversea investment products to Japanese investors.

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Secondary brokerage
Asterisk provides secondary brokerage service for investors who are seeking for exit strategies on their investments. With our network and professionalism, we offer exit strategy advisory and connections to potential buyers

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