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Asterisk Realty has noticed an upward trend in investor interest in sustainable investment opportunities. According to data provider Morningstar, sustainability- themed funds have seen record inflows in the US in the first quarter, while the rest of the market sees hundreds of billions of dollars of outflows.

According to Financial Times`s article, many investors see the correlations between climate crisis and the Covid 19 crisis, “Talking to clients across the board, the reasons they want to integrate ESG have been supported and amplified by the crisis,” said Ted Eliopoulos, co-chair of the sustainable investing council at Morgan Stanley Investment Management. “The intensity in interest has also increased.”


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Background about ESG real estate in Japan

Investing with a pursuit of ESG with environmental, social, and governance goals in mind is gaining recognition globally. In recent years, the awareness of ESG concepts and utilization is rapidly growing in Japan markets and real estate sectors, led by the market leaders in the government sectors and institutional players. The changing mindset and investment strategies with an increasing emphasis on ESG from the market leaders, such as GPIF, Norinchukin, and other leading institutional investors, also increases incentive for Japanese asset managers to follow suit.

Assets and portfolios that have ESG standards and practices have appeared to be more resilient and outperforming the assets managed by the traditional approaches in the increasingly challenging market environment and climate change risks. Looking forward, Asterisk expects that there will be significant growth in the awareness and utilization of ESG standards and concepts in the real estate sectors in Japan. ESG might become a “must” concept for asset managers and investors.


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Asterisk Inc. and GOYOH ltd are partnering to develop EaSyGo, a ESG real estate tech service for Japanese real estate asset managers, CRE real estate owners and operators.


What is EaSyGo?
EaSyGo is a ESG real estate tech service developed with Japanese real estate players in mind. Its aim is to implement unique ESG measures to properties by analyzing GHG (Green House Gas) emissions and providing sustainable lifestyle options to property tenants. EaSyGo can be implemented to the following property types:

  • Office
  • Retail
  • Hotel and Resort
  • Residence

“EaSyGo” provides the following SaaS service:

  • Analysis, reduction and offset of greenhouse gas emissions of real estate and users
  • Sharing timely updates with tenants on energy consumption and other ESG related building statistics.
  • Sharing ESG goals with tenants to increase awareness
  • Providing real estate owners with specific methods to achieve ESG goals.
  • Introduction of local communities and services in relation to lifestyle services, wellness, productivity, and sustainability.

Service Users:

  • Tenants (residents, operators, corporations,etc)
  • Real estate developers, owners, asset management firms
  • Property management companies
  • Local service providers
  • Hotel and Resort operators

Beta Version of “EaSyGo” is scheduled for July 2020.


Why Asterisk developed EaSyGo ?

ESG is rapidly gaining interest from domestic real estate players. At present, the main focus has been on how real estate owners can improve property energy consumption. While these steps do make a significant difference in the sustainability of a property, research suggests that a majority of a buildings energy spendature is controlled, and therefore can be reduced, by the daily activities of the tenants themselves. Even with the best ESG designs and equiptment offered by the property owners, the tenants behavior will inevitably have a bigger impact on the energy efficiency of the building as a whole. As such, overseas real estate properties that are able to raise awareness of “soft” ESG measures show higher overall profitability.

In the Japanese real estate market, the introduction of soft ESG concepts have yet to be explored.

EaSyGo aims to change the behavior of property tenants by analyzing the carbon footprint of the property, and  providing alternatives to help lower daily energy consumption. By collaborating with property owners, EaSyGo works along side already implemented “hard” ESG methods to provide a better environment, community and wellness support to property tenants.The introduction and implementation of soft ESG components contributes to ESG evaluations such as GRESB, LEED and Well- increasing the attractiveness of the property. In addition to its social significance, EaSyGo aims to profitability (NOI level) to the property by implementing ESG components that are economically sound.

In addition, by providing services that are suitable for tenants overall wellness, we are also considerate of the lifestyle changes necessary with COVID-19 in mind. With the common goal of safety and wellness in mind, we hope these changes can bring better satisfaction to tenants.



Demo interface of EaSyGo (for Tenants)


Social Effects of EaSyGo Implementation:

  • Analysis, reduction, and offset of greenhouse gas emissions in a wider area than before
  • Increasing the overall wellbeing of tenants from property level.
  • Reducing and offsetting greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reduction of food waste
  • Recycling waste
  • Providing a healthy and comfortable lifestyle.
  • Improvement program for lifestyle related illnesses and addictions
  • Safe environment with COVID 19 in mind
  • Local industry support.


Economic Effects of EaSyGo Implementation: 

  • Increased tenant retention rates through improvement of living environment and integration into local communities
  • Reduce property marketing costs
  • Possibility to increase rent
  • Efficient use for utility bills

We aim to bring an increase in the profitability (NOI level) to the property through integrating the factors listed above.



EaSyGo will be offered to real estate owners, asset managers and operators on a subscription fee basis. For further services and for a customizable option, additional fees may be incurred.

For additional information, please contact info@asteriskrealty.jp


EaSyGo Development 

EaSyGo takes Asterisk’s knowledge of ESG and the technology of GOYOH to provide a new lifestyle service




Asterisk Realty and Placement Agency has been a market leather in the field of global real estate management, working closely with global top fund managers, as well as institutions such as the United Nations Environment Program Finance Initiative (UNEP FI) and the 21st Century Financial Action Principles. Through this collaboration, we have been educating Japanese investors on ESG and educating domestic businesses with leaders of global hospitality ESG practice in sustainable tourism. EaSyGo is Asterisk’s new ESG tech initiative based on those know-how and achievements.






Founded in 2018, GOYOH is an IT lifestyle service for the UHNW clientele. EaSyGo service is offered using the IT system know how that GOYOH cultivated. EaSyGo aims to reach all tenants and property owners that are looking for realistic lifestyle changes given both global climate changes and COVID 19.


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